MUMBAI (Web Desk) – Indian legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar herself has praised the auto-rickshaw driver for his sweet voice.

She also shared the video as Master Aslam was singing Bade Ghulam Ali’s thumri ‘Yaad pia ki ayye’ on Facebook page.

As the ‘thumri’ sung by Master Aslam went viral on social media, many were surprised to know that the singer drove an auto-rickshaw in Karachi.

A few hours after the clip was uploaded, Lata Mangeshkar in Mumbai shared it on her Facebook page.

She also wrote that such artistes should be standing before the microphone singing and not driving rickshaws.

Namaskar. Abhi abhi mujhe kisine ye video bheja.Ye koi rickshaw chalewala hai aise video ke saath likha hua tha. Sunke main hairan hogayi. Mehsoos hua ki Ishwar kahan kahan apna chamatkar dikhata hai. Aap bhi suniye, main dil se chahti hun ki ye kalakar rickshaw na chalaaye ,mike ke saamne khada ho.

Master Aslam is not new to limelight.

In 1993, he took part in a NTM TV program and reached the grand finale of the talent show.

Couple of month before a Painter Baba singing the Ghazal of Ustad Ghulam Ali Khan and one song of the Sajjad Ali also got popularity. However, this man is the only one to get appraisal from a legend singer.