Karachi has seen the end of winters and like many others, Mahira Khan and her friends headed towards the beach. They too took photos like we all do but let’s face it, our photos don’t get viral. So this photo went viral on the internet yesterday. Can you guess why? We couldn’t either – till we read the comments under it:

This is how Pakistan reacted:

And this is how they kept going:

Seriously Mahira, R U?

And this one took it to a whole new level:
But remember this person? No one pointed out how ‘ghareeb’ he looks:

Instead people were all praises for him. Then these two beauties also got away with it unscathed:

As did he:

Even these handsome hunks survived the rage of the Pakistani haw-haye qaum!

This is not the first time Mahira has been trolled for her clothing.

Right after having🍕🍟🍔!

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This dress Mahira wore to the Masala Awards also caught the attention of Pakistanis and didn’t spare her.

Mahira – 0
Pakistan – 1
Other celebs who got away with the same look – 2