Do you know about Joshua Seftel?

If you’re Muslim+living abroad+you don’t: you should.

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Joshua Seftel is an American filmmaker who was born in New York. Seftel graduated from Tufts University in the class of 1990 as a pre-med and French literature major.

A recent research, according to online data, found out that nearly half of Americans know at least one Muslim in their surroundings. Yet, most Americans view Muslims living in America with a negative attitude, when compared to other religions.

This all started after the events of 9/11, according to history.

The media giants painted Islam in negativity and crimes against Muslims rose in America by 67%, according to sources.

Watch this Muslim girl speak of her experiences:

Seftel wanted to present Muslims in a good light through his short films, seeing the ignorance of the people of America.

He re-introduced American Muslims to people who had forgotten that they were the same Muslims that had been living amongst them for years.

After Donald Trump began his presidential campaign against Muslims and immigrants, people began to support Seftels project, the ‘Secret Life of Muslims’.

Watch this comedian speaking of his experiences on being typecasted as a terrorist:

Through his channel on VOX and USA Today’s distribution channels, he tells the world how Muslims have been stereotyped as ‘terrorists’ in the country, and also of how people treat him with negativity too, because of his religion.

Seftel finally got funding from Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art, the New York Community Trust, The Ford Foundation, and Pillar Funds, according to sources.

We hope to see more of his documentaries and we hope this initiative shines through, all the very best to this fearless film-maker!