ISLAMABAD (Online) – Chief Justice of Pakistan Anwar Zaheer Jamali has said that each and every institution is bound to work within its jurisdiction and no one should exceed its jurisdiction.

He also said that the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) was being activated to deal with references filed under article 209 of the constitution.

“In order to adhere to the principle of self accountability, the SJC is being activated to deal with references filed under article 209 (related to complaints against judges) of the constitution,” the CJP said while addressing a ceremony on the eve of the start of the new judicial year on Monday.

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“I want to add that the process of self-accountability should not be one-sided but two-sided. Bar councils should also activate their disciplinary committees to attend to grievances against lawyers,” he said.

The CJP said “we will continue our endeavour for dispensation of affordable and speedy justice, impartiality, supremacy of constitution and rule of law”.

“Right to govern is a sacred trust. Such a democratic structure should be established in the country where norms of democracy, freedom, equality, tolerance and social justice are pursued,” he stressed.

“The judiciary has always tried to exercise its powers within the ambit of constitution to rectify illegal steps and forge harmony among institutions besides lending assistance to fortify foundations of the state.

“No institution was allowed to overstep its limits and previous judicial year was a unique and extra ordinary year for us.

“The role of Supreme Court is paramount in evolving social, economic and political situation of the country. People look at the judiciary for adjudication of cases and resolution of political and social issues.”

He said that cases of 18th and 21st constitutional amendment were before us and not only a better verdict was announced while keeping people’s interest in view under the prevailing situation but also limits of parliament and courts powers were clarified.