MUMBAI – An extremist group affiliated with Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) has warned the Pakistani artists to leave India in 48-hours.

As per reports by the Indian media, a member of MNS, Amey Khopkar threatened to beat up Pakistani artists, including those who cast them in their productions. “Pakistani kalakaar toh maar khaayenge hi, saath mein jo yahan producer/director hain unko bhi peetenge (Paksitani artists will be beaten up and so will the producers and directors),” he said.

This threat by the extremist group is followed by that from an Indian named Soumyadipta Banerjee who in a post told Pakistani actor Fawad Khan to leave the country.

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The deadline comes amid escalated tensions between Pakistan and India. Pakistan has raised the issue of gross human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir and this issue was raised by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif at the United Nations.

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Over 115 Kashmiris have been martyred and thousands injured as a result of Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir. India without any evidence has blamed Pakistan for an attack on an army base in Uri.