Journalist Woes: Why it's so hard to criticize anything in Pakistan, blocking the 'honest writer' in you

02:24 PM | 1 Aug, 2017
Journalist Woes: Why it's so hard to criticize anything in Pakistan, blocking the 'honest writer' in you
It is SO HARD, being an honest and independent writer in Pakistan, who has his/her own opinions and wants to have freedom of expression.

No sir, especially not if you're working in the field of Entertainment & Lifestyle.

The latest trend has us all by our throats: Receive gifts & event invites, feel obligated to NOT write anything bad about the company/person/event/clothes & there you have it; the creativity is already lost.

The journalist should be writing their own review of the product sent; not BEING TOLD to write a particular way, just because something has been sent out to them.

Calling journalists to tell them to write in a 'particular way' and not write 'this or that', should not be an option.

Sadly, we Pakistani bloggers (especially the newbies) have given these PR companies the chance to control what they write, whether it's a caption, a headline, or an entire article.

In countries other than Pakistan, honest and positive critique is appreciated, and brands make amends to satisfy their Journalists.

Why don't Pakistani journalists get the respect they should? Writing in itself is an art not many can qualify for. It takes years of practice, a deep mind & lots of observation. You need to have a keen eye for paying attention to the little details, and that's what makes a good Journalist.

The term 'BLOGGER' is being thrown around like water balloons, and has lost its true meaning. Everyone is a blogger, everyone is a writer; all you need is an Official Instagram account, a Facebook Page, and there. Congratulations, you can receive gifts & attend events & be someone important (all in your head, though). 

Losing your contacts, friends & not being a part of the 'Social Circle' that's big in the PR world are just a few of the things you're robbed off, if you DARE write a negative review.

One of the reasons I opted to become a writer was being better at writing down my feelings than talking and talking for hours with people, which drains my energy (as an introvert, I prefer solitude). However, being in the field you have to talk to people, socialize a little, and of course, write for them & about them, whenever there's a need.  

If you're not in your comfort zone while you're writing, for me, as a writer, there's completely no point. 

You don't feel like you have authority over your skill, your art that you took so long to master & polish so it could shine through.

Public Relations personnel should understand that making calls to 'delete or erase articles' & 'amend according to the REQUIREMENTS of companies' just because they're big ups in the business, should not be cool. It isn't cool. 

RESPECT WRITERS, JOURNALISTS, & THE REAL BLOGGERS who really work day & night to give you good content to read!