Pakistan restores flight operation from four cities

02:15 PM | 1 Mar, 2019
Pakistan restores flight operation from four cities
LAHORE – The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Friday announced to resume flight operation from four cities of the country in the first phase, a spokesperson of the department confirmed.

Initially, flights are being restored from Karachi, Islamabad, Quetta and Peshawar. However, the decision on the opening of other airports of the country will be taken later, he added.

Commercial flights will be restored at 6pm today.

However, according to the new current Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) for Pakistan Airspace. The airspace remains closed for another three days. Some limited flight operations will be allowed to and from 4 international airports after 13:00 UTC later today.

Passengers with confirmed tickets booked for March 1 onward are advised to arrive at airports earlier than usual to ensure they have not bumped off their flights.

As of February 28, airports across the country have been sealed and no one is allowed in until the airspace ban is lifted.

Pakistani airspace was closed on Wednesday after the air force shot down two Indian jets that violated Pakistani airspace. One pilot was also arrested.