Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 breaks into the top trends on Twitter

04:10 PM | 3 Apr, 2021
Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 breaks into the top trends on Twitter

Living up to its hype, Khuda Aur Muhabbat Season 3 has secured the top spot as it yet again leaves Twitter in frenzy with the latest episode.

Overtaking the Internet with a mind-boggling response, the top trending hashtag was all about the failing romance of  Feroze's Khan's character.

Wooing the masses, Feroze Khan and Iqra Aziz starter hit the nerve of romantic buffs who sympathize with  Feroze Khan's character as he acts out heartbreaking “one-sided love” revelation.

Wrecking a storm in the Pakistani audience, it is a benchmark of its own record with the latest episodes also bagging major viewerships in less than eight hours.

Written by Hashim Nadeem, the third instalment of the famous franchise is indeed as magnificent as promised. With an ensemble cast, sets, locations, to wardrobe and production design, Khuda Aur Muhabbat Season 3 oozes grandeur. 

Moreover, being a seamless blend of romanticism and mysticism, the OST is crooned by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

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