CS:GO tournament Red Bull Flick finally lands in Pakistan

05:13 PM | 3 Dec, 2020
CS:GO tournament Red Bull Flick finally lands in Pakistan

LAHORE - The International Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) tournament Red Bull Flick, the first-ever 2v2 tournament, is finally launched in Pakistan, bringing in a brand-new game mode to the Pakistani amateur and professional players.

The player registration period continues from December. 3 to December 11, 2020. The tournament will officially begin on December 12 and go on until December 19, 2020. Registered players will fight for the top 8 spots in the two online qualifiers and the winners from each one will battle in the national finals on December. 26, 2020.

Red Bull Flick not only offers the CS: GO amateur and pro-gamer a chance to play in the first-ever 2v2 tournament, but also provides them with five brand new maps and a new game mode with a suite of unique settings and game mechanics to keep the competition varied.

The maps are titled Castle, Garden, Speedway, Matrix, and Himalaya, and are available to play on Steam. Meanwhile, the unique game mode ‘Hold The Flag’ in Red Bull Flick will allow the players to face off in a King-of-the-Hill style match-up where the pairs will have hold and defend the flag on the new maps for45 seconds.

The Red Bull Flick Grand Final Winners will bag a grand prize, which will be kept a secret until right before the national finals. Watch out for the big reveal or you might miss it.

Renowned gaming personalities and CS pros including PokemoN, Soulm8, and Hsb are all set to experience a face-off under the Hold the Flag Spot. “Providing an international opportunity for Pakistani gamers is rarely seen before,” said Saad Ahmed, one of Pakistan's top CS: GO players are popularly known by his game-name ‘PokemoN’. “Personally, this is a big deal for me because a future in esports is something I want desperately, and I'm sure many fellow brothers have the same wish."

"I'm sure Red Bull has plans for the future to enable this game more than it has been by any other brand in Pakistan," said Mamoon ‘TeaTime’ Sabri, a known local shoutcaster.

What’s more is that the massive tournament will be live-streamed on BSports, Red Bull Flick’s official media partner. Blitz Group CEO Ahsen Idris said, “Team BSports is proud to be the Digital broadcast partner of RedBull Flick, we also look forward to bringing more esports content to Pakistan under the RedBull International initiative.”

“Pakistan has been a major force to reckon with in the international sports arena on multiple fronts; naturally esports comes as no surprise,” he continued.“With the amazing success seen on cricket/PSL, squash and Kabbadi on sports digital broadcast, there is no doubt that this will be a permanent crowd puller in our content categories. We appreciate the efforts made by RedBull in bringing this talent category to life in Pakistan, and pledge our 100% support in taking this to the next level, both locally and Internationally.”