Junoon is releasing a new album in August 2020

11:46 AM | 3 Feb, 2020
Junoon is releasing a new album in August 2020

LAHORE - Everyone's favourite musical band Junoon is going big in 2020 as per the latest news. Taking it to Twitter, Salman Ahmed the lead guitarist had some big news to share with his fans who are more than joyous now.

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“Brand new Junoon 2020 by August IA,” tweeted Salman without giving much insight.

However, after a fan’s question who asked the band about it’s UK concert tour, Salman unveiled the good news.

“After the new album, Junoon 2020, IA!” Salman responded as he announced the band’s plans.

Salman had also confirmed that a tour is actually in pipeline once the album releases.

So what’s up with the album? Junoon fans are curious.

“Also on the new Junoon 2020 album will be a special song & video dedicated to the 70 years, the ongoing struggle of the Kashmiri people for their right of self-determination,” tweeted Salman regarding the upcoming album.

Junoon reunited in 2018 and last year completed its international tour after a long time. Now with the album, that’s currently in recording stages, stay tuned for more updates related to the matter.

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Are you excited for an enthralling musical album? We for sure are.