Becoming a mother is the best memory of the decade for Mahira Khan

11:11 AM | 3 Jan, 2020
Becoming a mother is the best memory of the decade for Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan recently initiated a QnA session on Twitter under the hashtag #AskMahira.

The Superstardiscussed several topics varying from her personality to memories she holds on to dearly to her favorite pop culture preferences.

A fan asked the actor about her having control over her anger in public.

“Never seen you angry in public, whats the secret? How do you deal with frustration? Is there a secret smash room where you let loose?” one user asked. To this she replied “Good question. I can get very angry, I do. But I usually only get upset with people I love a lot or am very close to. And take it out on them.

In another question she was asked how the decade was for her.

Khan simply responded with, “Iss film mein pyaar,action, emotion, romanceaur tragedysab hai boss! (This film has everything including, love, action, emotion , romance and tragedy).

Mahira also talked about her son Azlan. The actor revealed that normally she would never cancel her shooting but on it she had to, it would be for her son Azlan.

She also revealed that the best memory of the decade was becoming a mother to Azlan.

“Azzu (Azlan) gave birth to a mother” Tweeted Mahira.

Seems like there’s isn’t anything quite so special to Mahira as the love between her and her son Azlan.

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