Shoaib Akhtar shares unique view of Holy Kaaba

09:04 AM | 4 Jul, 2022
Shoaib Akhtar shares unique view of Holy Kaaba
Source: Shoaib AKhtar (Instagram)

MAKKAH – Pakistan's cricket legend Shoaib Akhtar keeps his fans updated about his holy trip since he reached Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj pilgrimage as a state guest of the kingdom.

Recently, he shared a unique view of Holy Kaaba, most sacred place for Muslim, on his Twitter handle.

The former star player is staying at the world’s tallest hotel, Makkah Clock Royal Tower Hotel, which is also the fourth tallest building in the world.

The Rawalpindi Express shared a view of the Holy Kaaba and Masjid-al-Haram from the top of the hotel.

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“Holy Khaana Kaaba view from the top of Makkah Clock Tower. Subhan Allah,” he captioned the post.

Akhtar also represented Pakistan at the 46th edition of the Grand Hajj Symposium.

Renowned personalities from the kingdom and the Muslim world will speak on the two-day event, titled “Hajj after the Pandemic: Rituals and Care.

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