Dazaran initiates E-commerce platform to promote digital retail during EID festival

05:28 PM | 5 Jul, 2020
Dazaran initiates E-commerce platform to promote digital retail during EID festival

ISLAMABAD - The local Chinese digital company “Dazaran’ has initiated the E-commerce platform to promote digital retail businesses for providing facilities to the people of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

“We are starting new trends of business to promote buying and selling of cattle through the digital app and also provide all major services including slaughters house to people during the Eid ul-Azha festival starting from July 31 of this year, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Chinese online Services Company Dazaran and Timesaco, Donald Li told APP here on Sunday.

He said that the company provides cattle and other major services during the Eid days on contemptible prices in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Donald said that other than that buyer, shoppers could use other mediums as well to place their orders by different modes of social media including WhatsApp, website, WeChat, and Landline number.

Replying to a question, he said that “We are already working on the e-retail market and launched the FreshOne for an instant delivery platform to provide vegetables, fruits and grocery items for local households of the twin’s cities of Rawalpindi on economical prices.

Donald e said that through Campaign-999,” We sell you different items of daily use including tomato Rs 9 per kg, Onion Rs.19 per kg and Potato Rs. 49 per kg with instant delivery at your doorstep.”

He said this offer was for twin city commuters to take advantage of Campaign-999 with free delivery.

He said that FreshOne was now incredibly popular in the local digital market and ecommerce platforms with providing its best services of food items and other grocery stuff.

The CEO said the recently, wholesale digital retailer, FreshOne had announced a very different and attractive campaign-999 for the customers in the local market.

Donald Li, told that Dazaran was going to operate a new campaign in this electrifying June summer tide through FreshOne App because FreshOne wanted that the consumer would avail rate reduction on different household items.

He was of the view that as people were facing COVID-19 and were afraid to move out for grocery and other, our Instant delivery service would facilitate the consumers to dispose of their order to use the App medium in this hot month of June and just wait for the delivery boy with eatable items.

Donald Li said that his company was committed to employment opportunities for the people in this critical situation of pandemic disease when the whole world was suffering from this curse.

He informed that the launch plan was three months ahead of schedule but because of people difficulties Dazaran started its operation to encourage business merchants to run their business online.