Tabish Hashmi believes Kapil Sharma's show copied Pakistani concept

05:40 PM | 5 Jul, 2022
Tabish Hashmi believes Kapil Sharma's show copied Pakistani concept

Pakistan's popular comedian Tabish Hashmi has finally addressed all the rumours surrounding his show “Hasna Mana Hai” as some keyboard warriors claimed that Hashmi stole the idea from India’s Kapil Sharma show.

In a recent interview with Geo, the comedian revealed that it was, indeed, Sharma who copied a Pakistani concept and based his show on it - not the other way around.

Tabish revealed that since “Hasna Mana Hai” set was similar to Kapil’s show, people felt it was a copy. But in reality the sets of both the shows were based on cities which look like each other — Lahore and New Delhi.

“On Kapil's show, the set depicts Delhi. Our set portrays Lahore, and both cities are identical. have been to both cities. Delhi looks like Lahore, and Lahore looks like Delhi,”  

Slamming the critics and haters, Tabish said that the concept of the set as well as the type of comedy projected on the show was a Pakistani concept.

“This is Umar Sharif's concept. This is Amanullah's concept. This is our concept,” said Tabish, adding that no one pointed out that Kapil stole Pakistan’s idea because millions were spent on marketing.

Further, he said the comparison was “unjust” as Kapil’s show was aired once a week, whereas his show is broadcast thrice a week with unscripted guests.

Even though “Hasna Mana Hai” has multiple storylines, in essence, it is based on Tabish’s real life. “ It shows Hashmi as a Karachiitte who went to Canada. Now, he has come back to Pakistan and settled in Lahore, which is an original story,” 

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