President Alvi passes Parents Protection Ordinance 2021

08:50 PM | 8 May, 2021
President Alvi passes Parents Protection Ordinance 2021

ISLAMABAD – President Arif Alvi on Saturday passed the Parents Protection Ordinance (PPO) 2021 that is aimed to protect the citizens against forceful eviction by their children.

Children - who own the property or have rented the space themselves - are restricted to force out their parents of the house, as per the ordinance.

Also, children will be held responsible for not obeying the instructions of their parents if they want their childen out of the house that the parents own or have rented.

The children must leave the house of their parents within 30 days of the written notice issued by the parents and failing to do so might land them in jail for 30 days or slap a fine on them or both.

The deputy commissioner of any district now has the power to move against the children upon complaint by parents. The action against such children whose parents have made formal complaints falling under the ambit of this ordinance will require no warrant.

However, both parents and the children will have the right to appeal.

Besides the PPO 2021, the President also issued another ordinance under Article 89 of the Constitution that shall come into force at once.

The "Elections [Second Amendment] Ordinance, 2021" paves the way to hold next general election through Electronic Voting Machines and enabling overseas Pakistanis to exercise their right to vote.