Ali Sethi's Rung is a visual-audio treat for the fans (VIDEO)

04:25 PM | 10 Mar, 2021
Ali Sethi's Rung is a visual-audio treat for the fans (VIDEO)

Singer Ali Sethi is a powerhouse of talent who has mastered the art of storytelling through his soulful voice. 

Recently, the 36-year-old musician created magic in his newly released song Rung that has left the admirers addicted.

Offering a contemporary narrative of Lahore and New York, the melody is melancholic as it narrates a tale of a young woman, an elderly couple, two transgender women, a pair of young men and two young women in Lahore. 

Despite the absence of flashy views and hip-hop dances, Rung is a visual treat with a serene aura whose lyrics resonates beautifully.

Staying true to the classical roots, Sethi has composed the music with musical instruments like surmandal, harmonium and tabla.

Composed by Sethi and late Shakeel Sohail, Rung is directed by Umar Riaz who has woven an adored sentiment - love as a source of peace.

Netizens are loving the ghazal-style lyrics with lush visuals resulting in praises pouring in for Sethi.

Ali has earned fame in a short span of time with masterpieces such as Chan Kithan, Chandni Raat and Khabar-e-Tahayyur-e Ishq under his belt.

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