‘Hybrid regime’: Pakistan among worst nations on EIU's Democracy Index

South Asian country ranked 104 out of 167 in EUI Democracy Index 2021

01:22 PM | 12 Feb, 2022
‘Hybrid regime’: Pakistan among worst nations on EIU's Democracy Index

ISLAMABAD – Country of nearly 221 million remains in the Hybrid Regime category in the 2021 Democracy Index's global ranking.

In the latest report of London-based research corporation Economist Intelligence Unit, Pakistan has improved one spot since last year to rank 104th out of 167 countries as global democracy continued its decline amid covid pandemic.

Islamabad's overall score is 4.31 while Pakistan, Turkey, Nigeria, and Bangladesh and 34 nations are categorized as hybrid democracies.

India surprisingly ranked 46th despite severe oppression against Muslims. Only three nations in Asia – Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan – have full democracy as leading world power China also ranked fifth-lowest in the latest Index. Meanwhile, 21 countries including Norway, New Zealand, Finland, and the UK have full democracy.

EUI report, which categorizes the state of democracy across 167 territories on the basis of electoral process and pluralism, the functioning of government, political participation, democratic political culture, and civil liberties, reveals that just only 6.4 percent of the world enjoy full democracy.

In the recent report of EIU, it was revealed that democratic standards fell again across the world in 2021, leaving just over 45 percent of the world's population living in a democracy. Less than half of the world's population was living in a democracy in 2020 but the trend deteriorated in 2021, the London-based analysis group said.

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The EIU annual index, which provides a measurement of the state of global democracy, registered its biggest fall since 2010 and set “another dismal record” for the worst global score since the index was first produced in 2006.