Celebrities criticise CCPO Lahore for victim blaming

02:09 PM | 12 Sep, 2020
Celebrities criticise CCPO Lahore for victim blaming

From roadsides and restaurants to homes and workplaces, there isn’t a single place in Pakistan where women don’t feel unsafe or unprotected.

Rape and abuse cases keep surfacing in our country, each more shocking and heart-rending.

The latest news of a woman being raped in the presence of her children at the Lahore Highway has caused uproar across the nation and #hangtherapists has been trending on social media ever since.

Further adding fuel to the fury were the disgusting comments from the Lahore CCPO, a man in authority blaming the victim for not being cautious. 

While the public demanded his removal from the post; celebrities also raised a voice against the narrow mindset in the country that only focuses on victim-blaming.

Sarwat Gillani

Ayesha Omar

Osman Khalid Butt

Mansha Pasha

Mehwish Hayat

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