Meera tests negative for coronavirus after returning from USA

05:08 PM | 14 May, 2020
Meera tests negative for coronavirus after returning from USA

LAHORE - Pakistani controversial star Meera has been tested negative for the coronavirus following her return from the United States. 

The Baaji actor had landed in Lahore from Washington D.C earlier on Tuesday and was quarantined at a local hotel in the city where her COVID-19 test was conducted, which has now come out negative. The actor had been stranded in New York City owing to the global pandemic and had sought help from the government to help her return home.

In a video posted earlier from her NYC hotel room, Meera had addressed Prime Minister Imran Khan saying: “Mr Prime Minister, it’s 2 am here in New York and I am trapped in this hotel room addressing you right now.”

“I arrived here with Humayun Saeed and other actors for the shooting of a film, but they’ve all left and I’m stuck still here,” she added. After arriving in Lahore on Wednesday, Meera had was filled with gratitude for the government as she posted another video, saying: “Thanks to Allah, I am back in Pakistan. A big shout out to Pakistan Embassy Washington and New York Consulate. You guys are amazing. You work so hard to help our fellow Pakistanis overseas. Proud of you and praying for you! Stay blessed Pakistan!” 

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