Imam of Grand Mosque highlights piety and justice in moving Hajj sermon

02:58 PM | 15 Jun, 2024
hajj sermon

In a poignant and spiritually invigorating sermon, Sheikh Dr. Maher bin Hamad Al-Muaiqly, Imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, urged the faithful to embrace justice and walk the path of righteousness during the Hajj sermon at Masjid Nimra in the plains of Arafat.

Dr. Al-Muaiqly began by emphasizing that worship and obedience are due to Allah alone, highlighting that true piety leads to sustenance from unimaginable sources. "Whoever adopts piety will receive sustenance from where they cannot imagine," he declared, reinforcing the timeless message of faith and trust in the divine.

Addressing the vast congregation, he reminded them that every creation belongs to the One who revealed the Quran as a mercy and guidance for all. "The Quran is filled with wisdom and guides people to the straight path," he stated, underscoring the importance of adhering to the teachings of the Holy Book.

Dr. Al-Muaiqly stressed that those who fear Allah and lead a life of piety will be granted success and salvation. "On the Day of Judgment, those who possess piety will be shielded from distress," he said, adding that Allah forgives the sins of the righteous and multiplies their rewards.

He reiterated the core principle of monotheism, urging the believers to worship their Lord who created them and those before them. "This is the testimony of Tawheed," he said, affirming the oneness of Allah and His sovereignty over all affairs.

Dr. Al-Muaiqly further highlighted that Allah's encompassing mercy and love ensure that those who rely on Him are never left wanting. "Allah’s mercy covers everything, and His Quran guides to the straight path. Fear Allah, for piety is the way to success," he advised, cautioning against being deceived by the transient nature of worldly life.

In a powerful declaration of faith, he testified to the prophethood of Muhammad (peace be upon him), acknowledging him as a mercy to all worlds. "Allah sent Muhammad as a prophet and commanded his obedience. Those who follow Allah and His Messenger achieve success in this life and the hereafter," he proclaimed.

The Imam called upon the congregation to maintain their prayers, emphasizing that prayer protects from evil. "Fear the day when no son will benefit his father, nor will a father benefit his son. Establish prayer, for it keeps one away from immorality and wrongdoing," he said, highlighting the transformative power of sincere worship.

He concluded by urging the faithful to guard themselves against the deceptions and whispers of Satan. "O believers, speak the word of justice, walk the path of righteousness, and rely on Allah. He will grant success in this world and the hereafter," he assured, encouraging them to fulfill the rights of others and to give Zakat, as prescribed in Islam.

In his heartfelt sermon, Sheikh Dr. Maher bin Hamad Al-Muaiqly not only inspired the pilgrims but also reminded them of the profound principles of faith, justice, and righteousness that form the cornerstone of a believer's life.


US Dollar, Euro, Pound, Dirham, Riyal Rate in Pakistan Today Open Market Rates - 15 July 2024

Pakistani rupee rates against US Dollar and other currencies on July 15, 2024 (Monday) in open market.

USD to PKR Rate Today

US dollar was being quoted at 279.8 for buying and 280.75 for selling. Euro's buying rate moves up to 301.25 and selling rate is 303.15.

British Pound rate is 355.15 for buying, and 358.65 for selling. UAE Dirham AED was at 76.5 and Saudi Riyal lowered to 73.65.

Currency Rates Today

Source: Forex Association of Pakistan. (last update 08:00 AM)       
Currency Symbol Buying Selling
US Dollar USD 279.8 280.75
Euro EUR 301.25 303.15
UK Pound Sterling GBP 355.15 358.65
U.A.E Dirham AED 76.5 77.25
Saudi Riyal SAR 73.65 74.37
Australian Dollar AUD 184.55 186.35
Bahrain Dinar BHD 741 749
Canadian Dollar CAD 203.75 205.75
China Yuan CNY 38.35 38.75
Danish Krone DKK 40.05 40.45
Hong Kong Dollar HKD 35.7 36.05
Indian Rupee INR 3.33 3.43
Japanese Yen JPY 1.91 1.99
Kuwaiti Dinar KWD 908.25 917.35
Malaysian Ringgit MYR 58.95 59.75
New Zealand Dollar NZD 169.24 171.24
Norwegians Krone NOK 26.04 26.34
Omani Riyal OMR 722.87 730.89
Qatari Riyal QAR 76.39 77.09
Singapore Dollar SGD 202 204
Swedish Korona SEK 26.5 26.8
Swiss Franc CHF 309.15 311.65
Thai Bhat THB 7.5 7.65


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