Sana Safinaz co-owner Sana Hashwani does not have COVID-19

04:03 PM | 23 Mar, 2020
Sana Safinaz co-owner Sana Hashwani does not have COVID-19

Sana Hashwani, the CEO of popular clothing brand Sana Safinaz, has debunked all rumours of her testing positive for the novel coronavirus.

The brand’s management team issued a statement on Instagram to call out people who spread ‘false content at the expense of others.’

They also provided Hashwani’s test results along with a detailed note to rubbish the claims of numerous blogs, magazines and social media posts labelling her a Covid 19 patient.

“We are appalled by the way some people create false content at the expense of others. We are sharing Sana Hashwani’s test results in order to dispel the rumours that claim she has COVID19. Sana returned from the UK and took the test as a precaution to refrain from endangering family members with compromised immunity. She tested negative but nonetheless, placed herself under self-isolation, as any sensible person who has returned from abroad should do in this time,” read the note.

The post was also used to raise awareness about the ongoing pandemic, “COVID19 is a worldwide phenomenon and cannot be trivialised in such an insensitive way. The virus can affect anyone and it is our social, moral and religious duty to fight against it in whichever way we can.”

They concluded the note with good vibes, writing, “We wish everybody health and the courage to not make a  bad situation worse by spreading uncalled for and unproductive slander.”

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