Ushna Shah slams trolls targeting Minal Khan over Instagram food story

10:37 AM | 24 Jun, 2022
Ushna Shah slams trolls targeting Minal Khan over Instagram food story
Source: Minal Khan/Ushna Shah (Instagram)

KARACHI – Popular Pakistani actress Ushna Shah has actively been raising voice against online trolling of celebrities and she terms it a curse for society.

Earlier this month, she shared her stern remarks against the keyboard warriors following the sudden death of famous TV host Aamir Liaquat Hussain, who was under great mental pressure after his intimate videos wend viral on social media.

He was stripped naked in public by a woman he legally married. He died humiliated. Anyone who shared those videos, joked about them, laughed at them or even looked at them has his blood on their hands. We have his blood on our hands," Ushna Shah had penned it at that time.

Now, the Neelam Kinaray actor is speaking against social media users trolling Minal Khan after she allegedly re-posed an Instagram story of American celebrity Kylie Jenner as her own.

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Taking to Instagram story, she wrote that online bullying killed Aamir Liaqaut Hussain and it was decided as a society that such activities will be abandoned. She lamented that the bullying is still continue with people targeting Minal Khan.

“Pakistan bullies Aamir Liaquat, Aamir Liaquat dies. Pakistan lets never bully again. Some days later Bullies Minal” she wrote.

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