Priyanka’s quirky orb dress sparks meme fest among fans

01:05 PM | 25 Feb, 2021

Bollywood turned Hollywood actress always makes the headlines due to her versatile fashion sense and has also endured severe backlash with body revealing dresses.

This time however, she has triggered a meme fest among her fans and netizens by wearing a ball shaped dress which can only be termed as ‘funny’.

Instead of fuming over the memes, Priyanka light heartedly joined in and has had share of laughter. She also shared some memes on twitter which she found the most creative. Fans have compared her in the dress to a variety of things such as the pufferfish, Pokémon’s, hot air balloons to firecrackers.

Turning to Instagram stories she hilariously wrote “this is too much”, while sharing more memes. They just keep getting better, she added.

Here are some amazing memes shared on twitter

On the work front, Priyanka is shooting for her next project, Citadel, in London. She is accompanied by their three pets: Diana, Gino and Panda. Meanwhile, Husband Nick Jonas is staying at their Los Angeles home.

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