Mehwish Hayat calls out Bollywood for stealing Pakistani songs

11:31 AM | 27 Aug, 2019
Mehwish Hayat calls out Bollywood for stealing Pakistani songs

It seems like Tamgha-E -Imtiaz winner, Mehwish Hayat isn't done calling out Bollywood for their double standards.

Recently, Alia Bhatt’s latest single, Prada, faced fierce backlash for being eerily similar to Vital Signs’ Gore Rang Ka Zamana. Many Twitter users pointed this out, including the Chhalawa actor.

“I find this strange. On the one hand, Bollywood vilifies Pakistan with every opportunity they get,” shared Hayat. “On the other, they continue to steal our songs without so much as an acknowledgment. Copyright violation and royalty payments obviously mean nothing.”

Previously, Hayat slammed Shah Rukh Khan’s latest Netflix production Bard of Blood for fueling hate through the stereotypical portrayal of Muslims and Pakistanis.

Hayat took to Twitter, saying, “This just vindicates what I have been saying for so long. Another week and yet another anti-Pakistan project. Now can we wake up, smell the coffee and see Bollywood’s agenda for what it is? Shah Rukh Khan, be patriotic, nobody is stopping you – just don’t do it at the expense of vilifying us.”

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