Samaa FM staffer achieves victory in sexual harassment case against colleagues

08:35 PM | 28 May, 2020
Samaa FM staffer achieves victory in sexual harassment case against colleagues

Workplace harassment is all too common, and can damage a great job and turn a company into a toxic and unproductive environment. Often, harassment goes unreported, mainly because the victim can’t afford to lose the job or is too scared to go public about it.

Tehreem Muneeba, a Radio broadcaster based in Islamabad, went through the same ordeal 2 years ago. While working at a studio at Samaa FM in 2018, Muneeba was being subjected to harassment by the studio staffers and later quit her job.

According to Muneeba, the management team of Samaa FM deleted the CCTV footage which was the only proof of the incident that took place in the FM studio.

In 2018, she filed a case against the studio staffers for harassing and badgering her. After almost two years of intense emotional and legal struggle, the courts verdict went in her favour of Muneeba, reported Nayadur tv.

The authorities not only punish the accused party under section 4 (4)(ii)(e) of Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace the Act, 2010, but also imposed a fine of Rs100,000 on each of the seven staff members.

Muneeba had to endure the offensive conduct for a long time because, despite the victims regular complaints, Chief Operating Officer (COO) Fahad Haroon refused to take notice of the matter. Later, when another sexual offence was commuted by the accused on 21.08.2018, instead of directing a transparent inquiry, Fahad chose to protect the harassers.

Fahad Haroon is currently working as PM Imran Khan’s focal person on information analytics. He also happens to be a member of the Pakistan Broadcasting Board (PBC).

More power to you Tehreem Muneeba! We hope justice is served to others who are going through the same struggle!

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