Pakistan, Morocco hold joint naval exercise in Atlantic Ocean

09:37 PM | 29 Nov, 2021
Pakistan, Morocco hold joint naval exercise in Atlantic Ocean

KARACHI – Pakistan Navy and its Moroccan counterpart Navy engaged in a joint exercise in the Atlantic Ocean in a bid to enhance interoperability and cooperation between the two navies.

Pakistan ALAMGIR 260 ship and the Royal Moroccan Navy’s MRM Allal Ben Abdellah 615 practiced various maneuvers.

The exercises are a reaffirmation of a commitment from Pakistan to establish cooperation with “friendly” navies around the world, according to a release detailing the operations.

“Naval diplomacy in the form of goodwill visits and exercises remains a focus of activities planned around the year,” the release added.

The two countries held similar exercises back in August near the straits of Gibraltar. Pakistan’s PNS Zulfiqar and Morocco’s RMNS Sultan Moulay Ismael had participated in the exercises at that time.

PNS ALAMGIR resumed its usual activities in the African region after its joint exercises with the Moroccan navy.

In 2017, Moroccan navy participated in a multinational joint exercise that was held in Karachi.

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