LAHORE – Pakistan has seen the fashion industry’s ups and downs, the big highs and the complete down lows. The models have nevertheless always been beautiful and confident. They have looked great and have never backed down from speaking their minds as well.

Talented models Anam Malik and Saheefa Jabbar Khattak have spoken up about the issue of late payments in the fashion industry.

They said that they have been doing their work timely and with the most effort that they can put however the reciprocation is so much more less than they expect. They are not paid on time by the designers they work for, their efforts and sweat go wasted by unattended calls and payments that come way after their expected time and date.

Reactions are pouring in instantly!

Ahsan has an idea……

Rehmat Ajmal explains the dilemma…. you have money that you have full right on spending but you don’t have it in real!

Nadia Hussain can oh so totally relate!

Dawn has reported that the designer who has created this dialogue is none other than Tena Durrani.

The team blames “miscommunication” as the main factor. However we think that the main factor is the fact that this industry is super laidback when it comes to payments.