Pakistan- The growth of virtual world has created opportunities and spaces for people to come forward. The world has become a global village but like everything internet has its own pro’s and con’s. Sitting behind a screen hiding identities, spreading hate speech and regulating false news can be very easy.

Where people have got an opportunity to voice their opinions there a lot of nameless and faceless people have got an opportunity to roast and defame others. Cyber bullying is not only unethical but it is illegal. Spaces like twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and etc can prove to be your worst nightmare.

People are now standing up against cyber bullying. Trending on twitter people had a lot to say about this issue.

Most of the users missed the ‘old twitter’:

Twitter might be the same it’s the users!

Is this all we want?

Victims came forward to raise their voices:

Be a friend, motivate don’t hate:

Cyber bullying must stop:

It’s someones life you are playing with:

More kindness and compassion:

Stop and think before posting as your actions and words might change everything for someone and the damage can’t be undone. Spread love and motivation as that might make someone’s day.