Future of face masks? Rapper will.i.am unveils hi-tech smart mask

02:10 PM | 7 Apr, 2021
Future of face masks? Rapper will.i.am unveils hi-tech smart mask

Rapper will.i.am has announced the release of the ultimate protection mechanism – a tech-smart face mask that will ensure safety given the surging coronavirus cases globally.

Amid the pandemic, the Black Eyed Peas frontman is partnering up with costume designer Jose Fernandez and Honeywell, an engineering company, to create Xupermask- a technologically smart face covering.

A major part of the design includes a system that aids in mitigating unwelcoming sounds with noise-cancelling audio and microphone.

The 46-year-old singer told People that the inspiration behind the modern collaboration came from the daily issues that mask wearers faced from foggy glasses to muffled phone calls.

"I thought about all the pain points that people have with masks and earbuds and how earbuds were not designed to pick up the voice of people that have fabric in front of their mouth," he said.

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Further, he added, "People have to take the mask off and put themselves at risk. [With Xupermask], you could literally whisper on a bike on a Zoom, and they hear you perfectly fine because we block off the wind and we block out the noise and block out the germs."

On the work front, he collaborated with a group of artists made up of Bono, Jennifer Hudson, and Yoshiki for the song "Sing For Life".

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