30-year-old Gujranwala man chopped to pieces for asking girl’s hand in marriage

12:06 PM | 14 Jun, 2021
30-year-old Gujranwala man chopped to pieces for asking girl’s hand in marriage

GUJRANWALA – In a gruesome incident in the country’s fifth-most populous metropolitan, a 30-year-old man was chopped in pieces and dumped in a canal for allegedly asking a girl’s hand in marriage.

Reports in local media cited that the girl's father Tariq Yaqub got infuriated as the victim Rizwan asked his permission to marry his daughter.

FIR lodged by the victim’s brother Arshad Ali Bhatti cited that the girl's father got enraged after his brother expressed the desire to marry Yaqub’s daughter.

Arshad claimed in FIR that Yaqub, along with his son Amir Hamza, had packed the pieces of the body into a bag and dumped it in a canal near Gujranwala. Adding that the deceased used to visit the girl’s residence, but he didn’t return after one such visit.

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The complainant added that he got suspicious when no contact could be established with his brother. Adding that, some men have also seen suspects dumping two bags in a canal.

The FIR further stated that the suspect also spotted wearing Rizwan’s shoes which were immediately recognized by his brother. Upon confrontation, the suspect started to make excuses, saying that the victim had not come to their place.

The complainant urged the law enforcers to nab the suspects and recovered the body of Rizwan.

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