One of UoL students who were expelled for hugging on campus pens down apology

07:45 PM | 14 Mar, 2021
One of UoL students who were expelled for hugging on campus pens down apology

LAHORE – Shehryar Rana, a former student of University of Lahore who was expelled along with another student after their proposal on campus went viral on social media, has come forth with a written apology over the matter.

In his Facebook post, Rana came out in support of the girl and has pleaded to stop character assassination of the girl.

“AOA! I want to say that in this case the whole mistake was mine and i am sorry for all this, I humbly request you please do not talk about her character she is very noble girl if there is anyone who is characterless then he is me”, he wrote in defense of the girl who proposed him.

Both the students were expelled from University of Lahore on Friday for hugging on campus and people are divided if it was the right decision.

According to a statement issued by the varsity registrar, a disciplinary committee was scheduled on 12th of March at 10:30am but both the students failed to show up. The committee then took the final decision and banned the students from entering any of their campuses.

The university says they violated Section 9 of its General Discipline Rules and Code of Conduct. These rules are not published online.

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