UAE to release over 500 Pakistani prisoners

04:44 PM | 16 May, 2019
UAE to release over 500 Pakistani prisoners
ISLAMABAD - The government of UAE has decided to release 572 Pakistani prisoners who were incarcerated in its jails, Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal said on Thursday.

The spokesperson said Pakistani mission in the Emirates was in touch with local authorities in order to expedite the inmates' release and deportation.

Addressing a weekly news conference in Islamabad, the spokesperson said the nation would also hear a good news regarding the release of Pakistani prisoners from jails in Saudi Arabia very soon.

The official confirmed that the US had deported 50 Pakistanis through a chartered flight on Wednesday.

US-Iran Tension

Dr Faisal said Pakistan urges the United States and Iran to exercise restraint and resolve the issues that have flared up tension between the states.

The spokesperson termed the recent developments in the Persian Gulf as 'disturbing' adding that Washington's decision to deploy an aircraft carrier and B-52 bombers to the Gulf has added to the tension[s] and the existing precarious security situation in the Middle East.

The official warned that any miscalculated move can spiral into a large scale conflict.

Tension between Muslim-majority Iran and the United States have ramped up owing to the withdrawal of Trump from the nuclear agreement (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action).

Tehran has also warned that it would resume enrichment of Uranium, setting a deadline of 60 days for international players to mediate.

Pakistan seems to be walking a tight rope in the conflict as it shares religious ties with Iran and strategic linkage with the US.