Top 5 haircut trends that’ll give you the inspiration you need for your next look

03:20 PM | 23 Aug, 2020
Top 5 haircut trends that’ll give you the inspiration you need for your next look

Most of this year has already been swamped up with constant tensions and worries. But there’s always

a bright side to everything. If there’s anything that we have learned from this year, it is to live in today.

There has been a massive change in the mindsets of people all around the world. We have been more

accepting of change, and we have started dealing with life one day at a time. In this perfect ambiance of

changes, why not give a 180-degree twist to your look.

Here we have collected a bunch of hairstyles which have been the new 2020 trend. We have already

witnessed so many celebrities and fashion icons, embracing these unique yet dreamy haircuts. So what

are you waiting for? Book your next salon appointment and pamper yourself with a new look!

Every sort of bob

Say goodbye to your long hair this year and dare to welcome the change you’ve wanted to have all your

life. So many celebrities that we love and adore have chosen a short hairstyle for this year’s look. Well,

guess it’s your turn now!

All about the Fringe

For this look, you don’t even have to make an effort to go visit a salon. Just open up a YouTube tutorial,

grab a pair of scissors and do it yourself! But if you’re totally inexperienced when it comes to cutting

hair, it’s best to visit a salon. We’re sure you want a change, not a hair disaster.

Bouncy chops

 We’re back at the short hair again, but perhaps that’s what this year is all about. But here’s a little twist

to this short haircut. It ends with a perfect bouncy feel, adding weight to your hair. It lacks layers which

gives your hair a significant amount of volume while providing an ideal low-maintenance outline.

Asymmetrical bob

It’s not even speculation now that short hair is the new thing. This Asymmetrical bob is being opted by

many for a long time now. What makes this hairstyle stand out is that it is cut shorter at the back and

longer in the front, giving you a totally chic look.

Flaunt that natural texture

It’s continuously witnessed this year that people choose to show off the natural texture of their hair,

rather than spend hours curling or straightening them. If you have wavy, curly, or straight hair, just

embrace it. No one can look better than their natural self.