Mountaineering school in Ali Sadpara’s honour on the cards

12:00 PM | 24 Feb, 2021
Mountaineering school in Ali Sadpara’s honour on the cards

GILGIT – The Gilgit-Baltistan cabinet on Tuesday decided to set up a mountaineering school in order to pay tribute to Pakistan's greatest climber Ali Sadpara.

Sharing the details about the rock climbing institute, the Gilgit Baltistan spokesperson tweeted that the provincial government is set to establish a mountaineering school in the memory of Pakistan's national hero.

Ali Taj also mentioned that son of the late mountaineer, Sajid Sadpara will be employed in the memorial school.

In addition to this, the government has also announced Rs 3 million for Ali Sadpara’s family. The late mountaineer has also been named to get Pakistan’s highest civilian award.

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Earlier on Feb 18, Ali Sadpara was declared dead along with two foreign mountaineers after they went missing during their K2 winter expedition.

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The missing hikers were last seen on February 5 near the Bottleneck on the savage mountain as they attempted to reach the summit of the savage mountain.

Later, bad weather thwarted multiple search missions for the missing climbers, though the efforts continued for several days.

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