'Are we sick?' asks Ali Zafar in note on moral standards of society

09:16 PM | 25 Sep, 2022
'Are we sick?' asks Ali Zafar in note on moral standards of society
Source: Ali Zafar (Instagram)

Talented Pakistani singer and songwriter Ali Zafar has penned a note on the current situation of the society.

The Voh Dekhnay Mein singer had a rather philosophical approach as to why the society and people have been plagued by immorality and plunged into spirals of destruction. 

The Jhoom singer wrote, "We don't want others to judge us but we want to judge others all the time. We hate it when someone pokes his/her nose into our personal or private matters but we can't live without doing the same. We seek pleasure in someone's pain. We seek unnecessary attention all the time."

Zafar added, "We crave validation. We like to scream and shout to be heard. Bite and slander to be noticed."  

The Madhubala singer concluded with the mindboggling yet unanswered question, "Are we sick?"

Netizens were quick to take notice of Zafar's eye-opening note and questions that greatly concern the future generation and the current one's morals and values.

A number of people agreed with Zafar stating that it is the need of the hour to fix things before devastation knocks on the door.

On the professional front, Zafar proved his mettle in both singing and acting in Bollywood and Lollywood. The accomplished singer-turned-actor is also a painter. Zafar has also been awarded the highest literary award, Pride of Performance.

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