Strategic advice to PM Modi

12:41 AM | 9 Mar, 2019
Strategic advice to PM Modi

Now that Indian jets, soon after their energetic take-off, have started falling after getting hit by lazy birds who wouldn’t get off their path, its about time PM Modi gets some sincere strategic advice to change tactics for winning the forthcoming elections in India .

Else, he may end up with all jets down inside India , attending Rahul’s oath-taking on Skype, and no one inviting him outside India – not even Donald Trump.

The way things are, the possibility is certain States within India might not invite him either!

On our side of LoC, it seems IK’s ‘well-left’ act helped avert a hot war – at least till Eid; as we don’t like to fight during the holly Month of fasting, and in April we are wrestling with how to utilize the unspent budget.

Therefore, in this reflective pause of two months where war is unlikely, but elections in India may not wait, we can offer PM Modi a few tips to help swing float votes, while keeping the prospects of war just warm, not sizzling hot.

Here, a word about the poor bird. We are eagerly awaiting critical details viz. identity, ethnicity, faith, gender – and above all – nationality! Lest it should be an insider’s job!

Two things from the standard jargon and non-standard list which are now irrelevant are - bird’s sexual orientation and whether it was well fed middle-class bird or a poor and marginalized one.

This information may help some TV anchors to determine how to mourn this bird – if at all.

Whoever executed the terrorist attack in Pulwama, they are those people whose job it is to keep India-Pakistan apart, at-war, and simmering with hatred. Every such attack adds fuel to already burning fire of conflict, and keeps armed forces in both countries relevant, active seekers of more budgetary allocations, and heroic in the suicidal narratives of war.

Sages say, all wars are not fought to be won; within that, certain ‘wars’ are diligently kept at pre-war stages.

Butt his is a story of developing economies, evolving democracies, and immature armies.

Mature armies, in evolved democracies and developed economies, have reinvented themselves by developing inventive competencies which keep them active, and productively engaged in other realms of social and political governance at national and international arenas.

Looking at Indian, Russian, Chinese, US, Israeli and Pakistani examples – I believe ‘democracy’ is a not-factor in the equation of armies and economies, and their inorganic link.

On maturity and intelligence parameters, I can say with utmost certainty that Pakistan has the most mature and inventive armed forces in the world.

If you were to judge how many other skills and competencies an army has besides the banal, childish, and useless know-how of war, our boys are the Champs hands down.

While Chinese Armed forces developed their expertise in trade and technology as aides to Chinese international expansion and influence, Russians picked up the unique art of getting a US president of their choice. Israeli and US armies are the next in line in improvising their jobs and roles, but Indian army is looking like a small-town cricket club in the ICC Champions Trophy.

Pakistan’s armed forces have expertise in so many arenas that a Harry Potter type series of books could be written on their legendary feats. Their most enviable and incredible expertise are in managing and swinging elections this or that way, including in the 3rd and 4thdimensions.

That is where the heart of this piece’s argument, and the essence of my sincere advice to PM Modi lie. Instead of engaging Pakistan’s Armed Forces in an active war-like scenario on the Line of Control, engage our one or two Brigadiers over a cup of tea, and next elections will be yours.

Such strategic cooperation will also ensue and ensure the long-awaited and long-lasting peace between India and Pakistan .