Boxer Amir Khan unmoved over divorce despite Faryal’s apology

  • Amir Khan after reading apology of Faryal Makhdoom clarified that they would be going ahead with the divorce
  • The couple tied the knot in 2013 and was blessed with a daughter Lamaisah

LONDON – Renowned international boxer Amir Khan finally broke his silence over his marriage dispute and made it very clear to his wife Faryal Makhdoom that he would still continue with the divorce.

The decision came after Faryal apologized to Khan and his family publicly on her Twitter account.

The model in a detailed apology said that she wanted to restore the quarrel for the ‘sake of their unborn baby’ and regretted that the controversy was played out publicly.

Makhdoom also shared her ultrasound report confirming her pregnancy while expressing gratitude to Almighty Allah.

Amir thanked Faryal for clearing the false accusations regarding him and his family but he stated that he was unwilling to budge.

The champion tweeted that their reconciliation efforts did not prove successful and that the couple would be parting ways.

Khan responded with a message saying that he wished Faryal all the best for her future.

“We have to think about our daughter Lamaisah who I will always be there for,” Khan wrote.

Afterwards, Faryal deleted the apology tweets from her account, apparently confirming that there would be a permanent separation between the couple that got hitched in 2013.