Most of us swear by certain brands based on what our friends or other loved ones use, and what’s wrong with that?

Friends and family are a great source of inspiration and information! But I always remember what my mother told my sister and I when she saw us following advice blindly; “If so and so jumps off a bridge will you jump off a bridge too?”

It’s safe to say that most of the people who are close to us are well intentioned, but are they well informed?

Too often I find my friends ill-informed on things these days, I guess some of them just fail to do their research, or have been stuck following the same routine for so long that they forget to question.

Cue in the fairness cream selection these days!

There are so many available today that I barely know which one to pick once I run out – combined with all the communication on which ones promise me overnight results and which ones will make me fairer the fastest, it’s a conundrum of choice!

With such a vast array of beauty products available in the market today, how do you choose which one is right for you?

There’s one thing that’s sure though, I don’t want to use anything on my face, or anywhere on my body for that matter, that’s going to be harmful to me in the long run!

Sure we all like instant gratification, but at what cost?

I’ve been using the same cream ever since I can remember and it gives me the result that I want, it keeps my skin looking good, what else can I ask for?

Well it turns out that there’s a lot more you can ask of your fairness cream! It not containing harmful doses of mercury is one thing!

I’ve never been the sort to really look through the ingredients on any of my cosmetics until recently when a friend of mine started to suffer from a really bad skin condition. This girl used to have flawless skin, until she started using a whole slew of products one after the other which promised her overnight fairness. In a matter of weeks her skin went from glowing to gross!

So bad in fact that her mother had to take her to a dermatologist. It turns out that the cream she was using was destroying her skin because it contained a large amount of mercury, which helped her see results abnormally fast, and then caused her to break out in this hideous condition.

Thankfully the cream, which I’ve been using, is safe to use and doesn’t contain harmful doses of mercury – I checked the ingredients on the packaging!

Make sure you read the packaging on your cream and that it doesn’t contain any form of mercury, I would also be wary of any products which don’t list any ingredients at all, or too few, after all we know there are a lot of things that go into making these creams.

Let’s just make sure that what goes into them isn’t harmful to our skin, or even worse our health. Several cases of mercury poisoning can even cause issues in unborn children, or even can let you never conceive a baby.

And which are those creams? Well they are available in everywhere from cosmetic store to drug store to super stores. They have shiny glossy packaging, charging exuberantly for a 20gm plastic container. Beware!

You have “Safe to Use” creams available in the market. Be kind to your skin!