Zardari terms renegades ditching PPP ‘rotten eggs’, says Imran won’t give tickets to them

  • Imran Khan won't give tickets to those switching loyalties: Zardari
  • Prime Minister had been present in only four sessions of the assembly in the past four years: Zardari
  • Muhammad Khan Junejo attended the Assembly sessions more than Nawaz Sharif: Zardari

MORO – Former president and Pakistan Peoples Party co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari lashed out at the political leaders ditching his party to join Pakistan tehreek-e-Insaf, terming them ‘rotten eggs’.

Talking to his party workers in Moro on Saturday, Zardari claimed that “Captain” (Imran Khan) was not taking them [rotten eggs] seriously and using them for photo sessions only.

“Mark my words, he (Imran) will not issue them party tickets [in next general elections],” Zardari added in the purview of his party members including Firdous Ashiq Awan, Nazar Gondal, Babar Awan, NoorAlam Khan, Iimtiaz Safdar Warraich and Babar Awan turning to Imran-led PTI for the next general elections.

PPP’s Imtiaz Safdar Warraich formally joins PTI

The former president took a swipe at Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif as well for his abysmal attendance in National Assembly affirming that the future lies with PPP only.

“Mian Sahib you called yourself the leader of the House and prime minister but even Muhammad Khan Junejo attended the Assembly sessions more than you,” the former president said making a reference to former Prime Minister Junejo’s short-lived stint.

Firing a broadside at the premier, the former president maintained that had he [Zardari] not empowered the parliament, Nawaz Sharif would have opted to become president for the rest of his life.

He stressed the need to appoint a foreign minister and empowering the said Ministry, adding that the country was facing defeat on the front of foreign relations.

Dr Babar Awan formally joins PTI after resigning as senator

“Despite the recent critical situation, the prime minister was not taking any measure to bring it under control as he was busy in playing with his pets at Murree,” the former president alleged.

Zardari also claimed credit for establishing better trade ties with neighbouring China and said that it will pave the way “for the betterment of Pakistan’s future generations”.

He also assured the party workers that the future of party was safe and sound and his children who are the upcoming leadership of the party were vigilant for the rights of masses.

In his address, Zardari also highlighted the issue of Kashmir, saying Pakistan was pursuing the cause of Kashmir not because of its territorial expansion plans but because it was its own issue.