KARACHI-As, Eid will be celebrated in the mid of June, many stars and actors are working on special transmissions for a fun-filled Eid. Actress Hania Amir too is working on a telefilm named ‘Go to Hell’ which will be on aired on Eid on national channels.

As the name is very catchy and people are wondering what the telefilm will be about, Yasir Hussain is among the leads along with Hania Amir. The telefilm, being made under Momal productions. The cast and crew describe the project as “crazy” and “funny”.

Hania Amir makes us laugh and enjoy her funny videos.

While talking with the media person Yasir Hussain said, “It’s a fun light-hearted film and it was easy for us to work on because Hania is also so much fun… and so am I.”

The film is being directed by Misbah Khalid and Yasir is having a blast working with her and the rest of the team. Hania Amir and Yasir Hussain had been a part of many comedy dramas and Movies in the past also. We are excited to watch the telefilm and hoping it will be a treat to watch.

“Go to Hell” will be releasing this Eid.