ISLAMABAD – Special teams have waged a war on rats roaming in the Parliament House, with one rodent recently caught alive from the Prime Minister’s chamber.

Media reports suggest an operation has been underway for the past seven months in order to clear the House from rats. The special teams have successfully caught 430 rats, so far.

The operation was launched in June 2016 by a private firm against a contract of Rs650,000 annually. The contract was awarded by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) responsible for the maintenance of the house.

The firm is maintaining records of success diligently. During the first month of the operation, the teams caught 236 rats, and in July 42, 34 in August, 34 in September, 32 in October, 28 in November and till date in December 24 rats were caught.

This rat problem has stemmed due to the two cafeterias inside the Parliament House and the individual kitchens attached to the various committee rooms, Moreover, the kitchens that are attached to the chambers of the Speaker, Senate Chairman, Deputy Chairman Senate and other officials are also providing a safe haven to the rats.

These kitchens are used for making luncheons and dinners on site. Recently, however, events are being catered by a third party that brings cooked food items to the site.