WASHINGTON (Staff Report) – Republican presidential forerunner Donald Trump has just won three more states while Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton was declared victorious in four states, when five more american states went for primaries on Super Tuesday-III.

Meanwhile Republican contestant Marco Rubio announced to end his nomination campaign after a humiliating defeat in Florida at the hands of Donald Trump.

On Republicans side Trump won Florida, North Carolina, Illinois while Missouri was a close ties between him and Ted Cruz. Third contestant Kasich won Ohio’s all 66 delegates with winner-take-all rule.

In Florida -Rubio’s home state- Trump bagged around 46% votes while Rubio could manage only 27% votes. However all of the 99 delegates go to Donald Trump under winner-take-all rule.

On Democrats side, Hillary Clinton took clear majority in four states (Florida, Illinois, North Carolina and Ohio) while there was close ties between her and Bernie Sanders in Missouri.

Following the Super Tuesday-III results observers say that it is now pretty much clear that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would be finalist to earn nomination of their respective parties for 2016 presidential polls.

However there is only one threat left for Donald Trump, which is Marco Rubio’s possible support to Ted Cruz. But even with his support Cruz will have to struggle real hard to fight Trump in upcoming states.

Where Do Candidates Stand Now?


Super Tuesday-III Republicans In-depth Results:

R Florida


R Ohaio

R Miss

R Ill

Super Tuesday-III Democrats In-depth Results:

D Florida

D Ill

D Miss


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Graphics Courtesy: CNN Election Centre