LAHORE – According to the zoo officials, the imported giraffe that belonged to South Africa passed away last week in the zoo premises. The incident is excused by claiming that the animal was sick when it had reached the importers. This is not the first time fingers have been pointed at the zoo management as to why precious animals are dealt with negligence.

Earlier this year, a 12-year-old Bengal tigress died at the zoo, a few days after another tigress died. The tigress had been at the zoo since she was three years old. In 2017 chronic diarrhea for 30 days resulted in the death of a male Cheetah at the Lahore zoo. The Cheetah had only spent a month at the zoo until the death.

The four-year-old cheetah had been imported as a pair from South Africa in 2017 but the female had survived lesser than the male and her succumbed to her fate earlier.

“We have sent samples to the university and the complete report would be available on Monday,” Deputy Director Lahore Zoo Tanvir Ahmed had told Daily Pakistan at the time.

“It is possible the leopard was unable to adjust here and expired,” he had added.

Not being able to adjust is no justification when the entire point is to make the animals adjust and to make them as comfortable as they would be in their original habitat. If keeping up with their diet and needs is hard, then simply choose to send them into the wild. Lahore Zoo needs to fix it’s actions since the dead and the uncommunicative cannot tell us what exactly happened to them.