ARY group transmissions resume after brief global outage

  • Transmission remained suspended in Europe, Middle East and other regions
  • ARY group clarified that the outage happened due to technical glitch

ISLAMABAD – Transmission of various television channels of ARY Group, including their news channel, went off across the world for a brief period of time Wednesday afternoon.

As soon as Maryam Nawaz Sharif, daughter of prime minister Nawaz Sharif came out of federal judicial academy after her first session with Joint Investigation Team, reports on social media suggested outage of ARY group channels in different parts of world including Europe, Middle East and others.

Twitterati blamed the federal government for intentionally blocking the transmission. However,  ARY News clarified that the channel went off air due to a technical glitch and the transmission was resumed after rectification.

Showing concerns over the abrupt move, Mubasher Lucman, a former ARY anchor-person said in a tweet: “Why is ARY off air? What happened? Hope its a technical glitch but one fears the worst”.

PTI leader Shireen Mizari also took to Twitter asking, “Why has ARY gone off air suddenly?”

Another PTI leader Murad Saeed tweeted;