My name is Khan and I’m not a Mufti, says the man in viral video

12:24 AM | 25 May, 2021
My name is Khan and I’m not a Mufti, says the man in viral video

Amir Khan is the name of the man who became a celebrity overnight after a video featuring him and his beautiful wife went viral on the internet. The main reason his video went viral in Pakistan was this that he was labelled as a popular Pakistani Mufti by some of his jealous, but close relative(s).

Here is his complete interview about how the video was shot, how it went viral first in the United States and then in Pakistan and how his family and friends reacted to it.

Khan, who lives in the United States, says the video was made viral in Pakistan to spread “negative propaganda” about him. He says, “I’m not a Mufti; I’m just an Islamic student. I know who a Mufti is and I have the ultimate respect for the Muftis and Aalims. I’m on the track to become an Aalim first of all and there’s a long way to go to become a Mufti.

“It is unfortunate that some people labelled me as a famous Mufti in Pakistan. I would like to apologise to that Mufti and all other Muftis in Pakistan if they were hurt, but it wasn’t my or my wife’s fault. I have never used the title Mufti with my name. When I’m not a Mufti, why would I use this title with my name?

“The viral video now circulating on social media was shot by a friend of my wife on Eid. Later, my wife Rabia Liaquat posted this video on her TikTok channel and it went viral immediately. Before it went viral in Pakistan, it was already viral in the United States and had received more than four million hits.

“Later, someone, most probably a close relative who must be jealous of us because we are quite well-off and doing good in life, added some inappropriate text and made this video viral in Pakistan.

“It’s a fact that Rabia is my fourth wife, but I don’t have four wives at this time. Right now, I have only one wife and that is Rabia. I have divorced my first three wives. I can’t handle even two wives at a time.”

About the pose that he struck with his wife after leaving his vehicle, Khan said it was just random and there was nothing intentional about it. He said they did not apply any makeup or do any retakes for that pose. It just happened and people took it that way, he said.

Khan said the video itself was viral enough on TikTok in the United States, but it went viral in Pakistan only after someone added baseless information to it. He said that Pakistanis were always looking for an opportunity to find something spicy about mullahs or Muftis and even their lookalikes and then do mud-slinging on them.

About the popularity of his video on the internet and people’s reaction, Khan says there are two types of people he is receiving phone calls from. He says the first type is congratulating him for becoming a celebrity overnight and the second type is criticising him for bringing shame on his family.

He said it’s true that Rabia is his fourth wife and that she was his student before their marriage. He however clarified that he was not her Quran teacher or any Islamic subject teacher; he just gave her some computer training when she was teaching at his father’s school in Lahore. That’s why he can be called her teacher, he said.

Rabia, who is from Lahore, says Khan fell in love with her at first sight and decided that he would marry her. She said they are not newlywed; they got married 10 years ago and have children together. She says they are thankful to the people who spread the video to malign them, but it made them celebrities. She says she runs a cooking channel on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.