Lahore – Central Spokesman of Jamaat Ud Dawa (JuD) Muhammad Yahya Mujahid has strongly criticised US sanctions on Al Muhammadia Students (AMS) and two members of JuD.

In his statement, he said that AMS performs academic and literary activities in educational institutes, adding that the US sanctions on AMS are unjustified.

He alleged that the US is putting sanctions on “Pakistan lovers organisations and parties” to please India. “AMS is a patriotic student organisation of Pakistan, which has no criminal record. JuD is Pakistan’s charitable and religious organisation, which has no links with Lashkar e Taiba (LeT).”

He said “Shahid Mehmood and Muhammad Sarwar are representatives of JuD and performing charitable activities in Pakistan. We do not accept new sanctions of American US Treasury Department and State Department. Government or any department did not contact us on recent sanctions.”


Muhammad Yahya Mujahid said that the US has been blamed JuD earlier and a ban on AMS and 2 members of JuD are part of her routine actions against Islam and Muslims.

He said that there was a difference between JuD and LeT an organisation. LeT is Kashmiri organisation which exists in Jammu & Kashmir. JuD has no link with decisions and activities of LeT. Shahid Mehmood and Muhammad Sarwar are doing relief activities in Pakistan under JuD. “The entire world appreciated our welfare activities in entire country including Thar and Balochistan.”

He said that targeting JuD and AMS by the US means discrediting Pakistan and continuing false propaganda against our welfare activities. “We have rejected baseless sanctions of US earlier, do not accept this decision,” he concluded.