RIYADH – The monarch of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, King Salman, has apologised to leaders of Muslim countries for not presenting them with a chance to address the US-Arab-Islamic Summit, said the Foreign Office (FO).

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Nafees Zakaria on Thursday refuted claims that Saudi Arabia did not provide Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif a chance to address the international summit held in the country early this week.

Addressing the Foreign Office’s weekly press briefing, Zakaria said that leaders of 30 countries were not able to address the international Islamic summit in Saudi Arabia due to lack of time. “Due to shortage of time, leaders of 30 countries could not address the summit and King Salman has apologised to all the attendees for it,” said Zakaria.

“Muslim Ummah is united and will remain so. Claims that Saudi Arabia didn’t give a chance to Pakistan to address [the summit] is wrong,” the Foreign Office spokesman said.