LAHORE (Staff Report) – Days after an anonymous prankster put Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif up for sale on ebay, another seller has chosen a similar fate for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan inviting bidders to ‘buy’ him as well.

But the price is impossibly lesser than that of PM Nawaz – just US$13.05.

‘Useless’ Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on sale for 66,000 Pounds online

The Sweden based seller, “rafiq-se2014”, created a post titled Imran Khan (Fraud, liar, antidemocratic, conspiring, cheap & imaginary PM)” to express his disgust against the cricketer-turned politician who gained popularity in Pakistani politics after getting second majority in last general elections in Pakistan.


Stating Imran Khan as an item with a ‘Like New’ condition, the seller briefs the PTI chief in these words: “Former cricketer and then turned liar, a big fraud, tout of establishment, fan of dictatorship, lying expert, 66 year old, married and divorced from rich wife, living in a home given by wife, failed conspirator of dictator, shameless, fraud.”

Adding “Sheikh Rasheed Rhetoric”, “Angry Gran Run (Shireen Mazari)”, and “Jehangir Tareen (Flight Partner)” to the description, the seller intends to ridicule Mr Khan for his alleged links with military establishment. The ‘item location’ is stated as ‘Establishment, Pakistan’.


As the price of ‘item’ is pretty low, a high number of bids are likely to be made to buy one of the most famous personalities in Pakistan. In less than an hour, the price bid reached US$13.05 from US$12.55.


And there are conditions for postage as well, the item details read: “may not ship to Pakistan” and buyer will have to arrange transport as well. However the buyer has a variety of ways to make payment.

Anyone placing bid for the item certainly needs be careful, as once purchased the buyer will not be able to return it.

Interestingly, the Pakistani politicians are not the first one to put up for sell. Recently, British Prime Minister David Cameron was also placed for bids on ebay.


His ‘buy now’ price was noted to be ‎£35 before the ebay administration removed the item.