RAWALPINDI  Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rasheed on Monday claimed that Shehbaz Sharif made everyone fool including spy agencies amid the negotiations between president Musharraf and Nawaz Sharif in 2007.

In an exclusive interview with Dunya News, he endorsed premier’s claim that president Musharraf offered him underhanded deal in 2007 which he refused.

‘Former president’s first choice was Nawaz Sharif as compared to Benazir Bhutto being his second’ said Sheikh Rasheed.

Rasheed who was privy to the developments in Dubai and Jeddah in 2007 went on and expressed that Nawaz Sharif gave a cold shoulder to president Musharraf’s offfer and so the deal could not be finalised adding that Shehbaz Sharif fooled everyone including military intelligence and Pervez Musharraf amid the negotiations.

Sheikh Rasheed professed that it was agreed with King Abdullah that if in case Benazir Bhutto be allowed to come to Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif would not be barred from entering Pakistan as well.

It may be mentioned here that premier Nawaz Sharif, a few days back claimed that Musharraf offered him underhanded deal which he refused but on the other hand, Musharraf refuted any such offer to Nawaz Sharif.