BLF leader Allah Nazar’s wife released in line with Baloch traditions

  • Fazela Baloch was arrested on Monday as she was crossing into Afghanistan

QUETTA – Fazila Baloch, the wife of Baloch separatist leader Allah Nazar along with her daughter was released by Pakistani authorities on Friday while upholding the traditions of Baloch culture.

Fazila, who was taken into custody on Monday from the Sariab road, Quetta along with her step daughter Popal Jan was handed over to the brother of Balochistan Liberation Front’s leader Allah Nazar, Mehrullah.

Though the Pakistani authorities allege Allah Nazar of wrecking havoc in Balochistan through armed violence, even then, his wife was treated with kind gesture, a vindication of which was safe and early release.

Not only Fazela was released in presence of Chief Minister Balochistan Sanaullah Zehri and Home Minister Sarfraz Bugti, but a few gifts were also presented to the family.

Moreover, Fazela was drapped in a traditional Balochi Ajrak by Chief Minister Balochistan Sanaullah.

Let it be known that the wife of Baloch separatist was taken into custody as she was crossing into Afghanistan.

Minister Home affairs Sarfraz Bugti while rubbishing the claims of abduction had earlier tweeted that Fazela Baloch would be freed provided no charges are proved against her.

He also claimed that the lady was being treated as per Baloch traditions.

‘Unlike Dr Allah Nazar Baloch, real Baloch will never hurt any innocent women or kid’ tweeted Sarfraz Bugti.

Allah Nazar Baloch, a former physician, believed to be in his 40s, spearheads Baluch Liberation Front, a militant group claiming to be fighting for Balochistan’s secession from Pakistan.

Soon after his wife was arrested, multiple social media accounts started a propaganda alleging authorities of abducting Fazela.